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Access Transparency & Access Approval

Access Transparency and Access Approval

Help expand visibility and control over your cloud provider with admin access logs and approval controls.

  • Customer data is not accessed for any reason other than to fulfill contractual obligations

  • Valid business justification required for any access by support or engineering personnel

  • Near real-time logs offer insight when Google Cloud administrators access your content

  • Approve or dismiss requests for access by Google employees working to support your service


Move to the cloud with confidence

Inability to audit cloud provider access can be a barrier to cloud migration. Access Transparency enables verification of cloud provider access, bringing your audit controls closer to on-premises conditions.

Approve access by Google Cloud support engineers

Access Approval lets you approve or dismiss requests for access by Google employees working to support your service.

Make oversight part of your existing workflows

Access Transparency logs are available through Cloud Logging and can be integrated directly into existing analysis pipelines or tool exports you have already set up.

Key features

Key features

Access approval

Explicitly approve access to your data or configurations on Google Cloud. Access Approval requests, when combined with Access Transparency logs, can be used to audit an end-to-end chain from support ticket to access request to approval, to eventual access.

Access justifications

View the reason for each access, including references to specific support tickets wh